Chapter 4: Kool-Aid Man goes Film Noire

by Christopher M. Ackney

She walked out of the shadows, a hypnotic sway to her hips. Kool-Aid Man waved farewell to the tykes and sent them off home, oblivious to the virtual goddess that stood behind him. She paused behind him, a delicate finger touching her lips before tapping onto Kool-Aid Man's shoulder. Kool-Aid Man jumped at the touch, and turned around quickly.

"Hi there, big boy." She cooed sweetly, "I was wondering if you could help a lady in distress."

"I'll help you in any tress." Kool-Aid Man quipped, almost staring agog at the vision before him. She had curves that would make an hour glass jeolous. Her handle was voluptuously designed, curving ever so enticingly. She stood before him, her blue eyes eying him, her light yellow liquid moving ever so slightly in her clear glass body.

She smiled. "My name is Crystal, Crystal De-Light." She held out her hand, and Kool-Aid Man shook it gently, still stunned by her appearance.

"Glad to have met you." He managed to say.

"You see, Kool-Aid Man, my father, Strawberry De-Light, has been kidnapped by an evil, evil man ... and you're the only one who can save him." She was on the verge of tears.

Kool-Aid Man assured her. "Do not worry, Miss De-Light, I shall rescue him, on that you have my promise."

"Please, call me Crystal. And ... thank you." Her teary eyes shimmered in the light of the street lamps.

Kool-Aid Man placed a hand on his chin ... Strawberry De-Light, kidnapped? Mr. De-Light was an important businessman, the kidnappers must want millions for his return.

"Do you have any idea who would want to kidnap your father ... any enemies that you can think of?"

"Oh yes, I know who it is ... It had to be the Tang Tyke. He had threatened my father before, and now he's taken the next step. He wants my father's corporation, and is prepared to do anything to get it. Oh, I do so fear for my father's life!" She burst into tears, and fell into Kool-Aid Man's arms. The Tang Tyke? Boy, when it rains is turns to snow, Kool-Aid Man thought. He consoled Crystal lightly, and began to formulate a plan of attack. Crystal sobbed against him, a smile growing larger on her face ...

TO BE CONTINUED [yah, sure, Chris.]