Stupid URL Pyramid Scheme!

So. I finally got tired of seeing stupid parodies of MAKE.MONEY.FAST. (Admittedly, I did get quite a kick out of Make Sandwiches Fast, but that's not important.) I wanted something that would actually have some real-world effect. (Not, of course, that MAKE.FORESKIN.FAST didn't probably have about a thousand takers.) So.

I present the Unfathomably Stupid URL Cyramid Kcheme. Just click on the word 'aardvark' to get an html document (suitable for framing!) you can set up somewhere conspicuous. Be sure to replace the relatively obvious blank line with your name. Then copy the blank to 'pyramid.bla' so other people will be able to keep the scheme alive.

Please bear in mind that, this year alone, 500 people have visited the List of Pyramid URLSs. Those 500 people could have gone on to visit your site, if you were listed there.

(If this makes no sense to you, and you need help, e-mail He'll help you out.

Oh. And if you do continue the scheme, e-mail so he can add you to the List of Pyramid URLs. But be sure to tell him where he can find your copy of the pyramid scheme - otherwise, he'll have to take it on faith that you've actually continued the scheme, and that would just be weird.

And if you really want, instead of all that crap, you could just steal this idea and not mention Chris at all. It'll be fun! Still, if you do, let him know. It's no fun if he doesn't get to see his idea get stolen.

Finally, Chris has some thoughts about cowards.