Chapter 2: The Master Plan

by Christopher M. Ackney

Flavour-Aid Fella sat upon his plastic throne, closely watching his minions busily stirring the vile liquid in which he would take over the world. 'Heehee ... The world will soon be mine, and that Kool-Aid Man shall be stuck on his little iceberg forever!' He thought maniacally, twirling his pencil thin mustache.

Little Timmy crawled towards his master, gasping and clutching at his throat. "Master ..." the little boy gasped, hand raised up towards the evil beige pitcher, "I ... need more ... Please ... *gasp* ... *choke*"

Flavour-Aid Fella sneered evilly, "Why, of course you do, little boy, here, drink away, you have served me well." Flavour-Aid Fella poured some of his liquid for Little Timmy, pleased to see the boy scamble and greedily drink it down.

"Soon all will be like you, little boy, and the world shall know only ... FLAVOUR-AID!!!!!!" A flash of lightning and following thunder echoed behind him, adding the appropriate flare to his rantings. "Oh, if only I had a video camera ..."

"OH YEAH!" Came the cry, resounding throughout the warehouse.

"No, it can't be ... it's ... it's ..." Flavour-Aid Fella quivered where he stood, looking all about him.

"kool-aid" Little Timmy whispered, looking up from his glass.

A tremendous crash was heard, and the wall nearest Flavour-Aid Fella flew apart as if hit by an atomic missile ... and there he stood in all his glory. The glass pitcher that made up his body shone with holy light, gleaming in the setting sun. The liquid inside him swirled evenly and beautifully, colouring Flavour-Aid Fella in wonderful Red. Flavour-Aid Fella backed away, unsure of what to do. Kool-Aid Man posed stoicly in the hole, strapped across his back was a tremendous pack, and in his hands he held a large hose.

"Your days are finished, villain!" Kool-Aid Man called out, and opened up with the hose. A multitude of colours splashed forth, dousing the evil creature in the life-giving juice that is Kool-Aid ... All colours were there, Green along Blue, Orange with Purple, swirling Reds with Pinks, Yellow, Brown, they were all there.

Flavour-Aid Fella flailed backwards, attempting to shout, but only succeeding in swallowing more and more Kool-Aid. His flailings threw him into his Flavour-Aid Machine, that had been busily pumping out the perverted water that was going to rule the world for him. Sparks flew, and the great machine whined and began to sputter. Kool-Aid Man turned off the hose, blowing a brief breath over the barrel of the hose. "Oh, yeah!" He said with great satisfaction.

"Yay! Kool-Aid!" The kids at the factory all shouted, milling about their idol, glasses raised high.

"All in a days work, kids." Kool-Aid Man beamed, pouring the great liquid to all the children.

Flavour-Aid Fella lay drenched and writhing before his great machine. Kool-Aid Man just finished giving Little Timmy a glass of his special stock when he heard a great groan. Turning, he gasped in horror ... the machine was about to explode!

He yelled for all the tykes to make a break for it while he pondered what to do ... if that machine exploded, it would spread the vile Flavour-Aid all over the city, no one would be safe. But what could he do? WHAT COULD HE DO?!?!?

(dramatically powerful music in the background, close up of angst-ridden face of Kool-Aid Man).

TO BE CONTINUED ( right here!)....