Chapter 3: The Final Showdown

by Christopher M. Ackney

Flavour-Aid Fella rose shakily to his feet, shaking his beige pitcher head to clear the cobwebs. He blinked his eyes to see a horrified Kool-Aid man staring beyond him at his machine. Suddenly, Kool-Aid Man bolted from the scene, running off into the night.

Flavour-Aid Fella turned around and peered at his machine and realized what was to happen ... his Flavour-Aid machine would soon explode, dousing the city in his wonderously vile concoction.

"Run, Kool-Aid Man! Oh, this is too good to be true, this is going to turn out much better than I actually plann... errrr, that this is exactly how I planned things from the very start. Hahahahahhaha, Kool-Aid Man fell for my ruse and has doomed the city to my will!!!!!" Lightning flashed again, outlining the villain dramatically. Little Timmy stood quavering in his sneakers ... Had Kool-Aid Man left the city to be doomed?

Flavour-Aid Fella's maniacal laughing done, he charged out of the building, yelling boasts at the top of his lungs. Inside, the terrible machine bubbled and boiled, steam and sparks flying everywhere. Little Timmy prepared himself for the worst.

"Oh Yeah!" Came the battle cry, and Kool-Aid Man phased in from his Scramble, carrying all the equipment he would need. Across his broad back he hefted a huge backpack, filled to capacity, while in his hands he held a few small sacks.

"Little Timmy, I need you and some of our little friends here to help me save the city." Kool-Aid Man said to the ecstatic boy jumping up and down before him. He handed Little Timmy the sacks. "Drink the Kool-Aid Bursts you'll find in these sacks ... They will launch you high into the air, where you will then dump the contents of the sacks into the clouds above."

"You bet, Kool-Aid Man, you can count on us." And Little Timmy and his friends gulped down the bursts and rocketed into the air.

"Now it's my turn." Kool-Aid Man grinned, and strode confidently into the warehouse. Flavour-Aid Fella decided he'd best make himself scarce, and scampered off down the road.

Inside, Kool-Aid Man climbed the shaking machine, nearly falling once before regaining his grip on a large metal gear. He stood at the top and dumped the contents of the backpack into the machine. With a great shudder, the machine shook, throwing Kool-Aid Man clear as the machine exploded into a huge gusher of liquid.

Little Timmy ran gasping up to his idol. "Oh no, we're done for!"

"Wrong, Little Timmy" Kool-Aid Man said confidently, "For you see, I went back to the Fortress of Koolitude and chipped off a number of icecubes, and then dumped them into the machine. The intrisic Kool-Aid within those cubes should easily nullify any vile concoction that Flavour-Aid Fella could even begin to think of. And thanks to you and your friends, you seeded the clouds perfectly." Kool-Aid Man beamed handsomely.

"Perfectly?" Little Timmy said in wonder.

Kool-Aid Man looked up into the sky. With a proud nod and a serene smile, he said "Yep, and you'll find out why in a moment."

Suddenly, they were all surrounded by glittering colours, dropping from the sky softly and smoothly. At first Little Timmy was surprised, and then a smile broke out on his face like a rash. The children all stuck out their tongues to swallow the Kool-Aid Snow that they had created. Kool-Aid Man laughed happily as the kids ran about, eating the wonderfully coloured snow, frolicing in all the known flavours.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Kool night!" Kool-Aid man winked.

But wait, who's that in the shadows? Who could possibly possess such a slim pitcher body? Who could have such a voluptuously curved handle? Who could it be?

TO BE CONTINUED ( right here!)...